Frequently Asked Questions

JumpChat has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Safari is a browser that we would love to support. Unfortunately Apple hasn't said anything about adding WebRTC support. If you are running into problems, try updating to the latest version of the browser and try again. If you are still having issues, click here to contact us.
Simply go to the home page and click on Start your JumpChat now! button. You will be asked to enter a name and a take a picture or upload an avatar. Afterwards, invite your friends by sending the url anyway you would like. Email, SMS, or IMs, the choice is up to you.
Yes. All communication is encrypted between JumpChatters. When communicating to the server, everything is done through an SSL connection. In addition, JumpChat does not store any information about you. All the data in the chat session is sent P2P directly to the other JumpChatters. You can read the W3C Spec for more information.
Nothing is currently stored on the server. The only information sent to the server is your userid and messages WebRTC requires to set up a direct P2P connection with the other JumpChatters.
There is currently no limits as to how many people can join except for bandwidth. The more people in the JumpChat, the more bandwidth is used because your stream is sent to all the other people directly. Each P2P connection is capped at 300kbps for video, 50kbps for audio, and 15kbps for files.
Yes. Click on the message icon [] in the toolbar and a window will pop out with the text messages. Basic support for links and emoticons are available in the text chat.

Yes. Click on the share files icon []. A dialog will pop up and drag files anywhere to add them. When you are ready to send them, click Share to send them. You will receive a notification when the other JumpChatters have received the files.

Alternatively, you can simple drag the files anywhere in the JumpChat window and it will automatically pop open the share files dialog for you.

Yes. Click on the mute icon [] or the disable camera icon [] in toolbar. If you disable the camera, ou should see your video turn into a picture of your avatar. If you mute yourself, you will see a mute icon.

Yes, but only using Chrome.

You must install a chrome extension in order to share your desktop or specific windows.

When you have reloaded, simply click on the Screen Share button () to start sharing your desktop.

We sure do!

  • CTRL + T - Toggle text messages
  • CTRL + M - Toggle audio (mute on/off)
  • CTRL + V - Toggle video
  • CTRL + S - Toggle screen share
  • CTRL + I - Invite people to your JumpChat
  • CTRL + F - Share files to other JumpChatters
  • CTRL + P - Update your profile (name and avatar)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + D - Bring up debug dialog

Yes. Currently JumpChat for iOS and Android is available for download..

Lots of good stuff is coming very soon. Here's a very short list of things.

  • Window Mobile/Surface client
  • Reserved JumpChats
  • Large room support

Keep in touch with JumpChat by social media.

You can use the JumpChat Reddit and post a text link there. We'll try to get back to you ASAP. You contact us at

If you're willing, you can send us a debug log.

  • Start a JumpChat
  • CTRL+SHIFT+D and a debug dialog will pop up.
  • Enable the debug log and reload the browser
  • Reproduce the error without reloading
  • Click CRTL+SHIFT+D again and fill out the information
  • Click Send